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Our Ethos

At Peachbottom, our ethos is to create beautiful spaces, enriching the lives of our clients, whilst also encouraging harmony with the wildlife around us

If you are thinking about about developing a new space, there are numerous ways to promote British wildlife within them. Even the most modern and minimal designs can provide a haven with the help of clever tricks and thoughtful plant and material selection.

Whether you live in the city or the countryside, encouraging wildlife is not only good for the birds and the bees. 

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How we can help

Tree services

We love our arboriculture at Peachbottom, always opting to preserve trees where possible

Our qualified tree specialists utilise best practice and adhere to British Standards. We believe in preserving trees where possible and that the health and future of the tree is paramount when considering the work that should be done. 

We offer a range of services from pruning to planting - including a health assessment if your tree isn't doing too well and you're not sure why.

Wildlife Gardens

We specialise in creating wildlife friendly gardens that can be enjoyed equally by you and your wild neighbours

Whether you are looking to create the garden of your dreams or carve out a corner of your garden for local wildlife, we can help.


We design and install habitat micro-biomes that can be used to create an entire wildlife friendly garden or as a standalone piece within a garden. We can design for a selection of habitat types including bog filtered-ponds, woodland edge habitats and wildflower meadow.

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