Regardless of the size and style of your garden, it's possible to create a haven for the surrounding wildlife. 

At Peachbottom we can work with all shapes and sizes, whether you want to transform your entire garden into a sustainable environment for humans and wildlife alike or you simply want to carve out a corner to promote a particular habitat.

We work with what we like to call micro-biome installations. Meaning we can design and install a wildlife friendly piece of a habitat of your choice or combine them to create a full garden design. Ranging from bucket ponds to woodland understory, we can do something delightful for every garden and taste.

We believe any style of garden can be wildlife friendly, whether you prefer your outdoor space to be clean & modern or bushy & wild.

Woodland Habitats

There are a range of solutions for creating and developing woodland habitats depending on the space available and whether or not there are already some mature trees.


These range from building wood stacks, installing bird and owl boxes right up to creating full micro-biome woodland edge corners or woodland understory habitats.

Water Habitats

Water features benefit a vast array of wildlife, especially without fish. Adding this kind of habitat to your garden can be incredibly rewarding, attracting not only invertebrates but also amphibians and birds.

Whether you fancy a bog-filtered wildlife pond or stream or a marshy bog habitat, we can help. If you're low on space, we can even install a smaller wildlife bucket pond.

Wildflower Meadow

Creating beds within lawns or utilising existing beds to create pockets of wildflower meadow is a bountiful gift to local wildlife as well as a stunning addition to any garden. 

Depending on the placement, soil type and local wildlife, we can use a combination of wildflower turf and plant selection to create a piece that is attractive and enjoyable for all kinds of visitors (including your human ones!).

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We've covered the three main categories of wildlife biomes above, but there are many more features that can be incorporated into a successful wildlife garden.

Talk to us about dry stone walls, hibernaculums, orchards, wildlife corridors, mixed species hedges and more. We love doing it all, from small installations right up to redesigning whole gardens to be wildlife friendly and can utilise a range of features and habitats to support this.


Additionally, if you just want some advice on your particular garden, we'd be happy to pop over for a cup of tea and a garden consultation.

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