Our qualified tree specialists utilise best practice and adhere to British Standards. We believe in preserving trees where possible and that the health and future of the tree is paramount when considering the work that should be done. 

We offer a range of services from pruning to planting - including a health assessment if your tree isn't doing too well and you're not sure why.

If you're not sure about anything: what work can be done on a tree, whether it can be pruned, saved or needs to be removed - we can help. We are always happy to pop round for a chat and help you make a plan for your tree.

Pruning & Management

Pruning can take many forms. Some trees need, and flourish with, regular or formative pruning. Others need only to be pruned if they are causing a problem or suffering from disease or deadwood.

We offer a range of pruning services such as pollarding, formative pruning, crown reduction, thinning or lifting, targeted pruning and deadwood removal. We're happy to advise if you're not sure what your tree needs.

Health Assessment & Restoration

Like us, trees also get a bit sick sometimes. You might notice dieback on your tree or perhaps it's just looking a little worse for wear, discoloured or producing bad fruit.


Whether it's bacterial, fungal, nutritional or something else. We can work to diagnose your tree and come up with a maintenance plan to restore it to it's former glory.

Felling & Removal

Sometimes a tree just needs to be removed, whether it's in the way, has grown too large and unwieldy or has become dangerous.

Our experienced and qualified tree surgeons can safely remove trees of all sizes and shapes, whether they require specialist equipment or climbing. Stump grinding and replacement planting is also an option. We are fully insured up to £1,000,000.

Hedge & Shrub Maintenance

Hedges and shrubs need love too! We are happy to perform garden maintenance involving hedge and shrub pruning. We focus on practices that encourage healthy plants, natural form and no dead patches.


This means that, with the exception of a couple of hardy hedge species, we use selective pruning for hedges rather than clippers or shears.

Cabling & Bracing

Whether it's from previous management, neglect or the trees own tenacity, sometimes trees can become unbalanced or unsafe. Large, heavy branches can be prone to falling especially in high winds.

We love to preserve trees when possible and can provide cabling and bracing solutions to secure and reinforce. Please get in touch for a consultation.

Removal Options & Alternatives

Working with trees and shrubs can make a mess. After every job we do a thorough clean up and are happy to take away all the brush. Additionally, we can remove everything including large branches and trunks.

However, if you wish to keep the wood we can also process it for you into firewood or build a wildlife friendly wood stack. Talk to us about the options.

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